March 8, 2007

Nobody loves Ehud . . . but getting him out will not be easy and the stakes are life and death

There was a popular show on American television called "Everybody Loves Raymond." Well, in Israel they could have a show called, "Nobody Loves Ehud." It's true. Ehud Olmert is extremely unpopular. According to opinion polls, he may be the least popular prime minister in the history of the modern State of Israel. The dislike that the Israeli people have for Olmert may even rival that of some of the worst kings of Israel and Judah described in the Neviim books of the Tanach. It is commonly thought that the dislike for Olmert is mainly among the nationalist right in Israel but see this Ynet article, Mr. Prime Minister, it's over by Chanoch Daum which indicates that also on the left, there is strong feeling that Olmert has to go. The author goes so far as to admit that Disengagement in Gaza failed and that the consensus in Israel is that there be no more uniltateral withdrawals.
So if "Nobody loves Ehud" why is he still in office? Well, ousting a Prime Minister is not that easy. Ehud Olmert may be a general failure as a Prime Minister but his singular achievement is that he has managed to create the perhaps most stable governing coalition since 1948 despite the fact that his Kadima party holds the fewest Knesset seats ever for a coalition leader. How did Olmert accomplish this "achievement." Olmert's coaltion is big. It's not just 61 seats but he's got 78 - nearly two-thirds of the Knesset. This coalition has enough parties in it such that the defection of any of the partner parties would not bring down the coalition. Except for Labor, no one coalition party leaving can cause Olmert to lose a majority. Olmert further cemented his hold on power because his policies have been so disastrous that if new elections were to be held, Kadima and all its partners would go down to defeat. Therefore, every MK in the coalition has a strong incentive to not defect from the coalition.
Even if a majority of the Knesset wants to get rid of Olmert, it is still not just a matter of voting him out on no-confidence. Under Article 28 of Israel's Basic Law, to bring down Olmert requires that there be 61 votes behind an alternative leader. Even if it is assumed most of the Knesset is against Olmert - including members of his own government - getting a majority to support another MK to be Prime Minister would be tough.
As Daum correctly notes in his article, the Israeli government today is lacking direction - very badly. While there is disagreement as to the direction the Israeli ship of state should follow, it seems clear to just about everyone that the ship is adrift. If that ship does not get some direction soon, it is quite likely to crash on rocks or be sucked down into a vortex of abyss.
This is not just a political squabble. The signs are growing that matters will get worse. With Hamas rocket attacks in the south continuing, with Hezbollah rearming and returning to the Israel-Lebanon border with impunity, and with Syria arming and creating provocations on the border of the Golan Heights, another war is a real possibility. If Israel's leadership does not get it together, a lot of Israelis will die needlessly.

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March 1, 2007

Road Map Parallels to 1938 Munich

Road Map Parallels to Munich detailed, numerous and timely -
Read this interesting essay on the numerous parallels between the Middle East Road Map and attending events and the sequence events that led to Czechoslovakia being dismembered at Munich in 1938. Israel risks befalling the same fate if its government and people do not wake up quickly.

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February 27, 2007

Judea & Samaria residents visit Teaneck, NJ in bid to sell homes to investors

Jerusalem Post report
Read this article about an exciting and hopeful program that seeks to bypass the ineptitude and surrender mentality of the Olmert regime. The Israeli government, in order to please the American metropolitan, has cut off subsidies for developing Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria - even existing ones. With this funding cut off, some residents of Judea and Samaria are thinking out of the box and seeking private help from like-minded American Jews. In this article you will read of a project to encourage American Jews to purchase homes in Judea and Samaria to either live in themselves or to rent them out at affordable rates to Jewish families who cannot afford to purchase them themselves.

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Uncle Jeremiah: Kadima and Israeli Left leading nation to ruin

Uncle Jeremiah writes: The right wing and right of center (regardless of party) fight the wars while the left wingers evade service in the IDF and scheme to give Israel to the Palestinians. I believe the left HAS won by default and the transfer of Israel is already in progress. Forget the blips here and there where some semblance of reason overtakes the DUMBJEWS. They are in the final stages before the second holocaust. I lived during the years of the Holocaust in Europe and the birth of Israel and I know with great sadness in my heart, that I will be saying kaddish for our brethren in Israel who will be slaughtered in the coming war.
I know I will be in shul mourning the loss of our beloved Israel because Israel's elitist Jews were so successful that they became greedy, corrupt and acted only for their own self enrichment. They ran roughshod over the sacrifices of countless Jewish men and women who worked and fought to establish Medinat Yisrael.
The dreams of 2000 years for a Jewish homeland meant nothing to these people as long as their nests were feathered. Labor and Meretz officials take large sums of money from European NGO's for their services in influencing Israeli government policy toward the transfer of Israel to the Palestinians.
Even yesterday, the government was releasing figure that showed the Lebanon war with Hezbollah only cost .3% of GDP while the economy was roaring ahead.
Now isn't that wonderful...over a million Israelis fled the north because they couldn't survive under daily missile attacks, the cities of the south are attacked daily and the government sets the stage for a far more devasting situation this summer....but business is roaring ahead.
Uncle Jeremiah

See also The Rolling coup d'etat of Israel by Emmanuel Winston

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February 26, 2007

Prediction that summer war will devastate Israel this year

Below see the latest predictions from one of the readers of this blog. He has in the past made chillingly accurate predictions of how Israel would be damaged by the Oslo accords and other agreements and concessions. Read now the latest predictions from a writer henceforth to be known as "Uncle Jeremiah."

I am not privy to any classified information, but I have been telling you for a long time that all of the terrorists in S. Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank will start a major war with Israel to prevent the IDF reserves from mobilizing. War planes will be prevented from taking off because of chemical and biological warheads blanketing Israel and Israel will be forced to fight to defend the homeland instead of hitting Iran or Syria or anywhere else. How will Arrrow batteries function when their locations are hit with WMD warheads ?
I have called for destroying the Palestinians before they can effectively mount an offensive and for transfering the Palestinian population anywhere but in Israel or Gaza. That time has passed !!!
Israel ALWAYS wanted to fight wars on enemy territory. That time has passed also. Egypt WILL fire missiles at Israel and send ground forces into Israel from the Sinai.
Without a real PM who can tell Bush to go to hell, Israel will soon be history. Do you see this unfolding any other way ? Bush intends to use Israel as his proxy air force with support from the carrier groups. I think Bush is in for a big surprise and so is Israel.
The Russian ECM (electronic countermeasures) proved in the Lebanon war to be ahead of Israeli capabilities. Unless the Israelis have adapted with new upgrades, they will not be able to stop the new Russian Tor SAM's that Iran has just received. Iran claims to have penetrated the Carrier Groups with subs. I find it hard to believe, but I also found it hard to believe the Israelis couldn't stop a missile which hit their missile ship (forget negligence..that was a cover up). Israeli missiles were deflected by Russian ECM in Hezbollah hands in Lebanon this past summer.
This next war is going to see a huge number of Israeli civilians killed and the IDF will NOT prevail unless they treat this as a real war and use EVERYTHING including tactical nukes against Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria and Iran. If Egypt see this, they wil stay out.
If Israel wavers, they will join and Israel will have a 3 front war.Israel can NOT win a war with Bush/Rice telling Olmert and Peretz how to run the IDF.
This summer will be the darkest in the history of Israel.
Uncle Jeremiah

Uncle Jeremiah reads Saba Yeshayah regularly and from time to time contributes items to post. He is a former officer in the United States Navy who served in the Sixth Fleet including deployments to the Middle East.

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February 14, 2007

Lori Lowenthal Marcus exposes money donated to support Israel being used to undermine

Not with my money - by Lori Lowenthal Marcus - Jerusalem Post
My good friend Lori Lowenthal Marcus does it again. You have to read this incredible expose of how money that is donated to Jewish Federations to support Israel is finding its way into the hands of organizations that want to undermine Israel as a Jewish state. Those in Federations who manage allocations of donated money have some explaining to do.

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February 10, 2007

Why must an Arab Palestinian State be Jew-free?

This article in the The Bulletin in Philadelphia was posted on this blog before but it was just published. Go check it out.

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February 8, 2007

Arabs get violent over Israeli Temple Mount repairs but condone Arab dumping of Jewish artifacts

See Arabs want overpass to collapse to keep Jews out - Arutz 7
If you open the link to the article you will see a picture of the area in question. It is the bridge or path that leads from the Western Wall Plaza up to the Mughrabi Gate entrance to the Temple Mount. This is the only access point that Jews have ever been able to use since the Old City was liberated from Jordanian occupation in 1967. Today, the structure is in poor condition and is unsafe so the Israeli government is planning to undertake repairs. In anticipation of that, the Israel Antiquities Authority is doing archeological work. Well now the Arabs are going ballistic. Arab protesters - including lots of Arab citizens of Israel are staging demonstrations and blocking Jews from praying at the Western Wall. So far, Israeli police are not doing much.
The whole situation is outrageous. Little attention is given to the fact that the Muslim Wakf has for years done all sorts of construction on and under the Temple Mount and has deliberately discarded and destroyed ancient Jewish artifacts in a campaign to erase evidence of the ancient Jewish presence there. The Arabs and their European sympathizers are just fine with that. However, when Israel attempts to do some serious archeological work and to make repairs, the Arabs go nuts.
As MK Aryeh Eldad points out, this problem began back in 1967 when then Defense Minister Moshe Dayan, with the consent of the Chief Rabbinate, handed administrative control of the Temple Mount to the Wakf and it has been downhill from there. Dayan claimed he acted as he did to prevent religious violence on the Temple Mount. Would there have been violence if he had not done so? Perhaps for awhile but the situation would have calmed down as Israeli control became the established status quo.

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